Threat Detection and Incident Response Solution


What is it

A security operations center (SOC) is traditionally a physical facility with an organization, which houses an information security team. The team analyzes and monitors the security systems of an organization. The aim of the SOC is to protect the company from security breaches by detecting, analyzing, and reacting to cybersecurity threats.

SOCs are a proven way to improve threat detection, decrease the likelihood of security breaches, and ensure an appropriate organizational response when incidents do occur. SOC teams isolate abnormal activity on servers, databases, networks, endpoints, applications, etc., identify security threats, investigate them, and react to security incidents as they occur.

A SOC was once believed to be suitable only for very large organizations. Today, many smaller organizations are setting up lightweight SOCs, such as a hybrid SOC, which relies on a combination of part-time in-house staff and outsourced experts, or a virtual SOC which does not have a physical facility, and is a team of in-house staff who also serve other duties.


Why threat detection and response solution?

If you are without a functioning threat detection and incident response team, your organization could be at risk for major delays in detecting and responding to incidents. Threatening or anomalous events could go unmonitored, and your business is at a far greater risk of falling victim to a cyberattack. Other consequences of not having a security operation team include:

• Your enterprise is not consistently monitored around the clock.
• There are major delays in responding to incidents.
• Potentially damaging security incidents may go completely unnoticed.
• Job satisfaction is low due to the overwhelming workload and a high amount of manual work.


How we help

Building or selecting the right provider for a 24/7 incident detection and response (IDR) operation can be a daunting task. You want to make sure you’re getting the most from your investment—and that your analysts have the visibility, technology, and structure they need to perform. Whether you’re looking to add coverage or are experiencing challenges with your existing security operation, Caplock Security with industry experienced experts will help your organization implementing SOC the right way by:

Identify your organization objectives and capabilities

Consult and design your SOC solution

Plan and implement technical and administrative tools for your SOC

Assemble your SOC team

Measure SOC performance and continuous improvement plan

Threat Detection and Incident Response Solution

Accelerate Your Threat Detection Incident
Response Capability with Caplock Security:

  • Active support from Security Analysts to assess and prioritize NSM/EDR or XDR technology escalations
  • Applied threat intelligence from commercial threat hunting platform
  • Proactive Identification and Investigation of Indicators of Compromise (IOCs)
  • Attack disruption and blocking capability with documented pre-approvals
  • Proactive IOC blocking with documented pre-approvals
  • Pre-defined playbooks that automate detection, threat analysis & response
  • Identified threat event handling – disruption, communication & remediation
  • Expertise across leading NSM, EDR and XDR platforms