Vulnerability and Security Penetration Testing


Penetration Tests vs. Vulnerability Scans: What’s the Difference?

Vulnerability scans look for known vulnerabilities in your systems and report potential exposures. Penetration tests are intended to exploit weaknesses in the architecture of your IT network and determine the degree to which a malicious attacker can gain unauthorized access to your assets. A vulnerability scan is typically automated, while a penetration test is a manual test performed by a security professional.
Here's a good analogy: A vulnerability scan is like walking up to a door, checking to see if it is unlocked, and stopping there. A penetration test goes a bit further; it not only checks to see if the door is unlocked, but it also opens the door and walks right in.

Vulnerability Management and Scanning Services

Adopt a vulnerability management program that identifies, prioritizes, and manages the remediation of vulnerabilities exposing your most-critical assets. Caplock Security provides deployment, support, and premium scanning services.
• The team works with you to identify which applications and systems are the most important, then configures the scanning tools, profiles, schedules, and reports to identify vulnerabilities at the desired depth and help you to meet your security and regulatory requirements.
• The team validates identified vulnerabilities that can be overlooked, such as input errors when data comes from untrusted sources, is purposefully or incorrectly entered — that can lead to attacks.
• Our experts will coordinate and prioritizes findings based on weaponized exploits and key risk factors such as, asset value and exposure.
• We can facilitate the remediation process. If subject-matter expertise is needed, we help ensure the highest risk vulnerabilities are fixed or compensating countermeasures are applied.

Application Penetration Testing:

The number of applications you need to test can easily run into the hundreds. Add in web application scanners, SAST and DAST, penetration testing — and the abundance of vulnerability data they produce — and it’s hard to know where to focus your application testing and remediation resources.
Leverage professional penetration testing services to find and prioritize your highest-risk application flaws. Caplock Security’s experienced pen-tester we will consult you to:
• Determine which applications require testing and at which level during any stage of the development lifecycle.
• Identify vulnerabilities by testing the underlying framework, design implementation and code.
• Provide ongoing narrative of methodologies and findings, and recommendations based on the riskiest vulnerabilities.


Information System Penetration Testing:

The assessment measures the security of devices from a network perspective, focusing on exposed services, configurations and infrastructure. The testing identifies opportunistic attacks criminals may run and vulnerabilities that scanners might not detect.
Testing everything is expensive and unrealistic. With Caplock Security expert, we can prioritize which networks require manual testing and at what level.
Our service can test your networks from the viewpoint of an external or internal attacker, and provide remediation recommendations to disable attackers from achieving their goals
We provide both onsite and remote testing service, to see how deep an attacker could move.
We provide an attack narrative and remediation roadmap so that you know where to focus your resources.


Social Engineer Testing:

Put your people to the test through phishing, vishing and physical social engineering exercises
Social engineering is one of the most common attack methods used by criminals to trick employees into downloading malware, using realistic pretexts to pave the way to a security compromise.
At the beginning of every engagement, Caplock Security experts will meet with customers to understand their objectives, present various attack scenarios, develop a game plan and set goals.
Our team will perform extensive open-source intelligence (OSINT) gathering to uncover publicly available data about targets that could be used to compromise an organization, person or facility. Using that intelligence, our hackers identify hosts, configuration files, open ports and other detailed technical information available on external websites, torrents and forums. The team also researches the dark web, social media platforms and search engines.
For physical engagements, we develop a tiered program based on a low, medium and high risk of getting caught. The team aims to complete as many of the defined goals as possible within the conducting period.


Vulnerability and Security Penetration Testing

Accelerate Your Vulnerability Management and
Penetration Testing with Caplock Security:

  • Our pragmatic security practitioners provide clear, action-oriented recommendations designed to provide time to value in improving your security posture
  • Identify unknown flaws or vulnerabilities that can result in a breach or disclosure
  • Discover vulnerabilities that traditional control-based testing methodologies can potentially miss
  • Validate, understand, and prepare for known risks to your organization
  • Update and maintain regulatory or compliance controls
  • Vendor Agnostic – Unbiased product consultation & expertise working in complex multi-technology environments
  • Highly Certified – Strong team members with the expertise necessary to offer unique perspectives on emerging threat actors